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HOTTIE PRE WORKOUT - Fitness Quest Nutrition


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Hottie by Lecheek Nutrition

Women’s Pre-Workout and Thermogenic!

Hottie is the latest product from Lecheek Nutrition and was formulated to help women maximize their workouts. Hottie is an all in one product designed to meet the specific needs of every woman regardless of fitness level. With our unique blend of Amino Acids and other ingredients designed to improve performance in the gym and promote health in everyday life. In addition to these great benefits, Hottie also contains ingredients that help promote fat loss and increases body temperature. Hottie is available in two outstanding flavors, Pink Lemonade & Forbidden Apple, which will have you thirsting for more.

* Enhance Metabolism
* Heighten Endurance
* Smooth Energy
* Delicious Flavor

Hottie FAQ

What is Hottie?
Hottie is one of our latest products. We truly feel there is a void for Women looking for a great clean energy pre-workout that taste great.

How should people take Hottie?
Begin by taking 1/2 Scoop of Hottie 30 minutes before any sort of athletic activity. After tolerance has been assessed, you can take up to two scoops 30 minutes before. Hottie contains caffeine; it should not be taken within 4 hours of bedtime to avoid sleeplessness. Never take more than 1 scoop within a 24-hour period.*”

What can I expect to feel with Hottie?
You will feel a great sense of energy, clean focus, no jitters, and most importantly no crash.

Should people take Hottie with food?
Hottie may be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Stim sensitive users prefer to begin by taking Hottie with food to avoid the possibility of an upset stomach.

Can I stack Hottie with any other Lecheek Product?
Yes you can! We strongly recommend stacking our Hottie with our Pump X3 and Amino Fusion for a Complete Pre and Intra workout stack.

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