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Unlock Your Fat Burning Potential with EpiBURN Pro!

Prepare To Experience A Thermogenic Revolution

From the innovators of OxyElite Pro, comes the ultimate fat incinerator – EpiBURN Pro. Not only does it help you burn fat, but it also supports enhanced stamina, performance, and alertness as well as cortisol control. EpiBURN Pro represents the next stage of thermogenic evolution with its dynamic blend of ingredients.

EpiBURN Pro Benefits

Support Fat Loss
Reduce Appetite
Boost Energy & Stamina
Amplify Physical Performance
Control Cortisol
Hinder Lipid & Carb Absorption
Enhance Body Composition & Performance

EpiBURN Pro uses withania somnifera, also called ashwagandha, to unlock your fat burning potential. According to research, this Ayurvedic herb aids body composition. Study results suggested a tendency towards reducing fat percentage while increasing lean body mass. It even benefits cardiovascular health by promoting healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. EpiBURN Pro also helps improve your performance at the gym since withania somnifera supports muscle strength and force. It is an adaptogen, which has the anabolic benefit of supporting recovery after high intensity training. Since it is an adaptogen, withania somnifera also helps decrease cortisol. This is especially beneficial since cortisol can cause your body to store fat specifically around the abdomen. EpiBURN Pro promotes a sense of well being with this adaptogenic herb that helps bring your body into balance with the added benefits of fat loss and cortisol control.

Mobilize Stubborn Fat

EpiBURN Pro helps you burn stored fat with olea europaea. While olea europaea (aka olive leaf extract) is renowned for immune support, it is now being touted for its thermogenic benefits. It helps elevate levels of norepinephrine, a catecholamine that acts as both a hormone and neurotransmitter. Therein lies the key to olea europaea's fat burning benefits. Norepinephrine regulates hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), an enzyme that mobilizes stored fat. Olea europaea in EpiBURN Pro gets you laser focused by helping to increase norepinephrine, which promotes intense concentration. Research suggests that olea europaea also stimulates the thyroid, which regulates metabolism.

Support Stamina & Fat Burning

You want to make sure your thermogenic doesn't just burn fat, but gives you the energy to last through the day. EpiBURN Pro delivers on both counts with yohimbe. Even though it is commonly used as an aphrodisiac, yohimbe has a variety of benefits. Yohimbine, a chemical found in yohimbe, stimulates the nervous system to aid stamina and energy. It is thought to aid the release of fat from fat cells. Yohimbine also helps to suppress appetite and promote fat burning. EpiBURN Pro benefits athletic performance as well since yohimbine can dilate blood vessels to help give you that pump while you train.

Break Down the Fat

Coleus Forskohlii further enhances the thermogenic properties of EpiBURN Pro. A study on coleus forskohlii suggested that it may support fat loss while promoting lean body mass. Research suggests that it may also combat fatigue and hunger. Coleus forkohlii contains the compound forskolin, which can activate the adenylyl cyclase enzyme. This enzyme, in turn, elevates the cyclic adenosine monophosphate molecule (cAMP). cAMP acts as a messenger in a variety of essential biological functions and also plays a role in regulating metabolism. It supports the breakdown of stored fat and promotes the use of body fat as a source of fuel. cAMP also helps elevate basal metabolic rate, making coleus forskohlii an essential ingredient of EpiBURN Pro.

Block Fat & Burn More

Even when you cheat on your diet, EpiBURN Pro's got you covered with nelumbo nucifera. According to research, nelumbo nucifera acts to hinder the digestion and absorption of lipids and carbohydrates. It inhibits the actions of alpha-amylase and lipase, enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of starch and fat. Research suggests that nelumbo nucifera may up-regulate lipid metabolism as well. It also elevates energy expenditure to enhance thermogenesis.

Get Your Caffeine Boost

EpiBURN Pro contains cutting-edge ingredients as well as the staple ingredient –caffeine. It boosts your energy levels, but the benefits don't stop there. Caffeine also improves mental alertness, so you're ready to tackle your day. It helps to decrease appetite to help you make better dietary choices. Caffeine also has a diuretic effect, so you can shed water weight and enhance definition.

Take Charge of Your Metabolism

EpiBURN Pro empowers you to finally achieve your ideal physique. It stands apart from the other fat burners on the market by using innovative ingredients that are backed by research. Quit mourning the loss of OxyElite Pro and get the fat burner that delivers results – EpiBURN Pro!

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